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The World Macadamia Organisation (WMO) is focused on promoting macadamias globally to help consumers connect with the benefits of including macadamias in their food choices, and to stimulate growth in existing and untapped markets.  As supply and demand for macadamias has been increasing worldwide, product developers need easy access to information, and the industry requires clear guidelines and information to meet market expectations.

Delivering useful, relevant, accurate macadamia nut resources for everyone

We make it our priority to take care of this for everyone. With accurate, current macadamia nut resources, data and product standards, we’ll ensure you stay up-to-date with the latest news about the world’s most untapped and undiscovered whole food.

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Raising awareness for consumers

The WMO is committed to creating a greater awareness and appreciation of macadamias. Our Love Macadamia campaign is focused on building usage with consumers.


Macadamia consumption is aligned with consumer health trends & preferences

With a unique buttery flavour and crunchy texture, macadamias have become a sought-after ingredient in various products. Full of ‘good fats’, macadamias are also low in carbohydrates, nutrient dense and can help manage inflammation. So increasingly, macadamias are not only enjoyed as a snack, but are also used to elevate meals, contributing to their growing popularity as a versatile and premium nut.


Whether you’re considering putting macadamias in the mix, or interested to learn more about the industry, we've created a series of resources in formats that are easy to download. Of course, if want to find out more about macadamias, please get in touch.


Global industry collaboration

Passionate about macadamias, the World Macadamia Organisation represents the world's macadamia-growing countries. WMO Members are invited to sign up to the member's portal for member-only access to resources on nutrition, data, product standards and more.

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